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What is VPN?
However, using a personal VPN is increasingly becoming more popular as more interactions that were previously face-to-face transition to the Internet.
A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. However, using a personal VPN is increasingly becoming more popular as more interactions that were previously face-to-face transition to the Internet. A great many number of companies are slowly coming to realize the actual benefits of VPN connection. It caters to their networking needs with the admirable features of speed, reliability, security & functionality yet helps them save considerable money.

Privacy is increased with a VPN because the user's initial IP address is replaced with one from the VPN provider. This method allows subscribers to attain an IP address from any gateway city the VPN service provides. A VPN network creates a secure connection over a public network i.e. the internet being one of the most important requirements of daily lives. The encryption for such a connection is provided by using algorithms for having security and the establishment of a reliable connection which is not possible in the case of a proxy server. There are a number of VPN protocols in use that secure the transport of data traffic over a public network infrastructure. Each protocol varies slightly in the way that data is kept secure. Thus VPN provides an encrypted and secure connection tunnel path from a user's machine to its destination through the public Internet.

The use of advanced authentication & encryption protocols in VPN not only prevents illegitimate access of transmitted data but also provides highest level of security. There is more complicated data encryption technology such as SSL but it can’t be used everywhere. But VPN is free from any such restriction & offers more resilience while trying to meet the company’s data sharing requirement.

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VPN Service
The aim of VPN is to provide the same services as that received through expensive leased lines, but at a acutely very lower cost. Now the VPN connection has brought about the third party internet transport facility which companies can use successfully to connect the telecommuters, remote users & even remote offices with the main corporate site. They can also consider incorporating DSL ...
VPN Server
That's why it is otherwise known as internet VPN. The internet VPN has enabled divers businesses to get connected to their office servers from places other than office. The PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) in VPN servers make it possible for Mac & Windows users to log on to the PowerElf servers from anywhere in the world. A secured 128bit encrypted connection is made from the...
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